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Roggy Eye Clinic

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Office Manager at Roogy Eye Clinic

Position Description
The Office Manager delivers high-quality and efficient operations of the practice to ensure a
positive patient and employee experience. This role oversees all of the day-to-day management
of the office to ensure the business functions efficiently allowing patient experience to exceed
expectations. The Office Manager is responsible for the performance, development, and
engagement of all non-doctor staff.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

● Administer full authority for daily operations
● Lead and develop staff to provide high quality, efficient and empathetic care to
patients while retaining well-qualified employees. Ensure employees have clear
expectations to promote trust, teamwork and staff development
● Recognize implications of applicable laws and/or regulations to the clinic and
implement or recommend courses of action to ensure compliance
● Maintain communication channels with the Owner / Optometrist to ensure effective
decision making for critical issues and longer-term business planning
● Responsible for the financial operations of the business including accounts payable
/ receivable
● Implement office policies and procedures
● Manage and collaborate with vendors and contractors
● Maintain employee work schedules and submit biweekly payroll reports
● Responsible for the interviewing and hiring process to select talented staff with
oversight of onboarding process, paperwork and training
● Establish and maintain communication strategies with staff, patients and providers
● Measure and report performance and productivity monthly, quarterly and annually.
Set, track and communicate quarterly performance goals for individuals and the
business to drive employee and business success
● Identify and recommend areas for improvement in patient care and retention

Qualifications / Requirements:

● Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance or healthcare-related field or
equivalent combination of education and experience, or (4+) years experience in a
directly related field
● Proficient experience in reimbursement procedures, efficient practice operation,
budgetary finance skills and excellent communication and interpersonal skills
● Desired experience with medical insurance benefits
● 3-5 years previous supervisory experience in a medical setting is preferred