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Roggy Eye Clinic

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I had a fantastic experience at this office! Great teamwork, new equipment, and friendly customer service. My vision had changed slightly and Dr. Roggy dialed it in perfectly. I look forward to my next visit.
5 months ago
- Dan M.
Dr. Roggy genuinely cares about her patients. I cannot express how thankful I am for her entire office staff. They’ve made a HUGE positive impact on my daughter’s life.
12 months ago
- Ambrosia
I dont know who you are using as an optometrist right now, but you should leave them and go see Dr. Roggy! The experience begins as soon as you walk in to what feels like a boutique and not an eye doctors office. The staff is so kind, friendly and work well as a team to be sure you are taken care of the moment you walk in the door. I have not been satisfied with an eye doctor since my childhood eye doctor and now, I cannot see (pun intended) going anywhere else!
1 year ago
- Kelsey D.
Great service and staff
1 year ago
- Matt F.
I was referred to Roggy Eye Clinic after talking to my regular eye doctor about some problems I’d been having with double vision. It turned out I have esotropia (which I was previously not familiar with), and I needed to do some vision therapy (which I did not previously know was an option) to help retrain my brain to be better at controlling my eyes. I am now finishing up the vision therapy, and my vision has greatly improved. I started with having double vision almost all the time (very annoying and frustrating), while wearing glasses that had prisms to help me. Now I seldom have double vision, while no longer requiring prisms in my glasses. I’ve also been having much less eye strain than before. In addition, Abby (the vision therapist), Dr. Roggy, and the rest of the staff are incredibly kind and accommodating. I felt comfortable and taken care of at Roggy Eye Clinic from my very first visit, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed going there every week. They were also happy to answer the many questions I asked about how vision therapy works.
2 years ago
- Cole C.
Wonderful clinic! ALL of the staff are friendly and competent. I felt welcome as soon as I came in the door. The facility is clean and the technology is current and makes all of the exams easy. Dr. Roggy knows her stuff and takes great care of her patients!!!
2 years ago
- Emily W.
Dr Roggy went above and beyond the call of duty. When I had an unexpected problem with my eyes, she provided moral support, as well as medical expertise.
2 years ago
- Janice G.