Complete Sensory Senaptec vision assessment including 7 to 10 of the following:

  • Target Capture        
  • Eye Hand Coordination 
  • Visual Clarity              
  • Depth Perception
  • Perception Span 
  • Reaction Time 
  • Go / No Go                 
  • Contrast Sensitivity
  • Near Far Quickness
  • Multiple Object Tracking

Revolutionary Liquid Crystal Lens Technology

The Strobe challenges your brain in a unique way no other tool can. By removing critical visual information, the brain is forced to process visual input more efficiently. This heightened visual capability enhances coordination, anticipation and decision-making resulting in faster reaction times, better ability to focus, and overall improved balance. Research has shown Strobe training can also reduce the risk of concussion. Great for all athletes at all levels. Most athletes notice improvement after one 15-minute session.

Strobe training can improve:

  • Focus - Keeping the eyes on the target through completion of a task
  • Timing - Accurate and precise reaction timing
  • Visualization - Tracking of objects in the mind’s eye
  • Quickness - Quick and accurate execution of a movement
  • Peripheral Vision - Awareness of your surroundings
  • Balance - Ability to keep your body in a stable position